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Home Health Care in Anaheim HillsKnowing the right time to solicit help for someone can be disconcerting and difficult. We have compiled a short list of basic questions that may enable you to recognize signs that your loved one is needing help.

  • Is your loved one losing weight
  • Is your loved one able to prepare and eat healthy meals regularly and on time
  • Is your loved one able to buy and keep a stock of healthy food at home
  • Is your loved one able to keep his/her home clean and the kitchen sanitary and safe
  • Do you find the home of your loved one cluttered with newspapers, unread and unopened mail
  • Is your loved one able to get the trash out for the weekly garbage pick up
  • Is your loved one able to do his/her laundry and change bed linens at least once a week
  • Has your loved one been too forgetful to the point of being unsafe
  • Is your loved one able to keep up with the date or season of the year
  • Is your loved one becoming socially withdrawn, isolated, or is less communicative
  • Is your loved one able to keep in touch/return calls from family and friends without problems
  • Has your loved one lost balance more than once within the month or week
  • Does your loved one have strange bruises or skin tearing that could signify bumps or falls
  • Is your loved one able to maintain acceptable grooming practices such as regular
    • Bathing
    • Brushing teeth
    • Changing from night wear to day wear and vice versa
    • Combing hair
    • Trimming nails
    • Cleaning her/himself after toilet use
  • Are you finding prescription medication in unusual places like the top of the dresser or kitchen counter and seeing expired ones in medicine cabinets
  • Is your loved one able to order refill medication for themselves

If your answers indicate inability on the part of your loved one to function by himself or herself normally; we can help. Contact us today and let's determine together your best course of action for your loved one.

Thank you all for everything. Great work from your two Caregivers, Dolores and Nancy. We were very pleased with their professional conduct and competence. They were fantastic. I will never forget them and your Agency. You were sent to us from heaven.

from Mary Susan

Home Health Care in Anaheim Hills

"However small our contribution might be to the aging population, we know we are helping to make a difference one client at a time." - Irma